CERPEN : I'am sory course i cant to protect you....but..??

This is my memory when i was study in Kolej at Selangor. I know its hurt to accapted this. The last night we all together singing the song of the little " Kenangan Terindah". All of me crying with the smile.. We all happy, But the same time , we all so sadly. I know a part cant teach all of my friends about the life.

Suddently...Everyone  has here shud up when see Fazlee come with girl and walk besides him.  He smile ! I stand up and get out from the hall . My heart so broken !!...I cant thinking my Prince charming come with the other girl. I dont know what I cant do it??.. I am Still love Him. !!..

I running fast from hall. I cant seeing him anymore. My tears gets down on my cheek. It so fast when I was in the Dark Place. i sitting and crying . I am in broken heart !! At a long time I know has somebody standing behind my back. I walk slowly.....to leave this place.. But... my heart Asking me.. " Who standing beside me just know??"  I bow down and lastly I look behind my back... I see Amar comes and still standing behind me..

" Why you crying like the little girl?.." Amar asking me like my late patner. I crying a few minutes. Amar comes and smile in front of me and clean my tears. I crying on to his shoulder.  " Lets go in the hall..Please this is a night of apart with all member. Please cool do its sincare from your heart...I know you are sad  when seeing Fazlee with the other girl. But Please the party for fun. Its is the last moment..Please dear come to hall with me.. I will stay behind you.."

Amar...give me spirit words I know he want to see my smiling. But I am sad... I'am still love Fazlee, But my tears running in my cheek again. I walking slowly beside him with the sorrow face... Amar take my arm and we together come in the hall. I'am so pressure when seeing Fazlee always beside the girl/

I try to smile and being happy  in front of my friends, But I cant...when the party is over.... I running to so back...I wanna to sleep...I want to forget all happen the night. I walking to way and stand beside the ways.. I see many car on the way.. I angry when seeing her kissing the Fazlee cheek ! I hate this ! My heart angry and i try to control its. When I walking I hear the Amar  voice...

" Sue !! .." Amar scarame so loud. i cant hear but I cant thinking the true... One of the car comes and ..... Dum !!!! I feel so hurt. I keep my eyes.... I cant seeing the people arround me...Its so hurt and I feel ill when..

"Sue .. I am sorry coz I cant to protect you...But.... " The voice stopped and I hear the voice  of Amar.. " Please call Ambulance...Please I dont want missing her...... Please !!" Amar crying and the last I cant heared  anything and I know. I not in this world... i going so far.......

7 : 13 am . Huishh alhamdulilah siap jugak cerpen aku yang ke tiga.... heee !! OH MY ENGLISH !! lantak ..aku hentam je bahasa ... tak ada sebarang bantahan jike english aku terabur... huhu saja - saja gedik nak test tulis cerpen dalam BI ..hopes korang dapat memahami apa yang aku sampaikan yang paling pentng jangan lupa tinggalkan komen yang positif untuk cerpen kali ini... Hopes korang suke ... :)

Thanks sudi baca habis..Jangan lupa tinggalkan komen dan jejak anda..Jika entry kali ni best.. Anda mesti Like okey ?

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